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Photo Location
The Syrene has a beautiful, romantic backdrop, ideal for a pre-wedding / engagement photo moment
Engagement Party
Celebrate with your friends and family with a cocktail evening or something a bit more formal.
Recital Dinner
A great opportunity to have one last run through of the plans for your day with your special party members. Something formal or a bit more casual like snacks and drinks.
Honeymoon night
After the excitement of your wedding day stay a night or two at The Syrene. Spoil your new spouse with champagne on ice, and a trail of rose buds. Romantic turn down available.
On the day dressing
Your day has finally arrived. Need a place to relax and get ready? We have spacious rooms and beautiful photo opportunities location for before you depart to you your ceremony. Easy access to surrounding venues. Or, why not take this special opportunity to stay the night before with your entourage, so that you can ease into your special day from the get go. Special opportunity to stay from the night before with your brides maids.
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